Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stumptown pitstop.

Monday was Presidents' Day here in the States, which meant I had a full extra 24 hours off. I spent my morning going to the gym and drinking a lazy, giant cup of coffee, then headed out for an afternoon of errands and a showing of The Artist. Afterward, I made my way down to 29th and Broadway to stock up on coffee (the lazy, giant cup having rather depleted my stash) at Stumptown.

I grabbed an Ethiopian blend from the shelf and ordered myself a cappuccino. I drank it standing in the window, watching dusk fall over the neighborhood. It was a bittersweet moment, knowing I had to head home to do a bit of work before the evening was out. But the sweet outweighed the bitter - just enough.

1 comment:

Citizen said...

Lovely photo, Meg - we love guessing the cappuccino cream shape, and this one looks like a lotus flower or ginger flower. Since you described the bittersweet moment, we'll stick with ginger flower.

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