Saturday, February 18, 2012

Queenie's Treasury: Escapes.

Thanks to the unseasonably warm weather, I've begun thinking a bit about spring. And summer. And vacations. That said, I also miss the snow, and would give anything for one whopper of a storm before time runs out. My contradictory wishes have led me down a twisty path of vacation home fantasy. First up, winter.

This is Maison Roly, a bed and breakfast in Belgium. When its owners wanted more space, the architects at AABE gave them a modern glass addition that seems to float between the brick of the original house and the snowy ground outside.

It seems to me the perfect thing for a snowy day - sitting right in the middle of the storm, wrapped up in a cashmere throw, drinking coffee or hot chocolate, with the snow swirling all around.

Yes, please.

Now, for my summertime fix, a little midwestern goodness. This is Camp Wandawega, a rustic outpost on Lake Wandawega in Wisconsin (an easy drive from Chicago), which has been around in one form or another since the 1920s.

I absolutely love this treehouse, with its antler chandelier and sleeping loft, and can imagine it would be the perfect place to play Scrabble and make s'mores all summer long.

And, I mean: who doesn't love a rope swing?

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