Monday, January 18, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

Hello, kiddies! I'm back from hiatus and ready to rock. This week's Treasury is a little late, but it's still technically the weekend here in the States, so I'm ok with it. Here we go!

First up, some majorly impressive food styling and photography from the website of Helene Dujardin, a stylist based in South Carolina and author of the food blog Tartelette. Inspiration abounds on her site and her blog. Those pears make me want to buy some mascarpone and get creative with a pear-centric feast - or just eat slices smeared with the cheese. Either way.

Next, a new website dedicated to guiding you through the shopping riches offered by the UK. From Britain with Love launched earlier this month, and is already on fire! Their blog is fantastic, and they have some of the best gift ideas I've seen recently. And, for those of you in the UK, some excellent contests (Sadly, we foreigners are not eligible.).

Finally, a look at Marimekko's Oiva dinnerware line, which will be released later this year. I love all of it, especially the coffee cups. Being handle-free makes them all the more cozy (you have to literally cup them in your hands), and I can't get enough of their blobby-yet-geometrically-satisfying pattern.

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