Friday, January 1, 2010

Ring in the new year with a riot of color.

Happy New Year!

If you're at all like me today, you're getting off to a late and slightly shaky start, and are looking for excuses to curl up cozily for the remainder of the day. That's where this next bit comes in...

If you haven't been reading Maira Kalman's And the Pursuit of Happiness blog in the New York Times, now's the time to check it out. The last installment was published today, and you can read the whole set over here.

The pieces are a set of musings on the history and meaning of the United States. What does it mean to be American, and what does it mean, this "pursuit of happiness?" It's a beautiful series, full of Kalman's signature swirling illustrations, saturated with color and full of energy and life. She visits Mount Vernon, explores the locavore & organic movements with Alice Waters and discusses the life of Benjamin Franklin. For starters.

The blog will be turned into a book, to be published in October of this year (Yes, 2010 - this year!). I, for one, can't wait.


Nicholas said...

I have so loved these in the NYT and look forward to having the book in my greedy little hands.

Happy new year!

lobstersandwich said...

Hi Meg:
Just discovered your blog!! Have been reading away and I LOVE IT. Thanks for the 2009 comments and the Momofuku info. I have been busily cooking from David's new book. I'll be back to your blog for more in 2010.

laura said...

kalman is amazing. our daughter was obsessed with her book max in love, and i cannot wait to see these historical blogs in print. she's just so incredibly creative. happy new year too!

Meg Blocker said...

@Nicholas: ditto!

@SAUCY: aw, thanks! happy to have you here while I read YOUR blog! :)

@laura: she really is amazing. i love the life in her illustrations.

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