Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dutch treat.

Last week, Miriam, our friend Natalie (who was in town from the UK) and I went to Vandaag for dinner. Vandaag (which means "today" in Dutch) is something of an oddity: a Dutch- and Scandinavian-influenced restaurant with a locavore spirit, and seriously good cocktails. (It also has some seriously nifty design going on, what with the cheery blue accent wall, orange wire chandeliers and wide-open space.)

We especially enjoyed the gingery Pack Mule (made with aquavit) and the B-Side Sling, a rich, bitter concoction made with genever and vermouth.

The food is pretty dang good, too. I had two starters: a grilled romaine salad with pistachios and a herring (as opposed to anchovy) dressing, and fried sweetbreads with hot peppers and pickled Concord grapes. You haven't lived life until you've had a piping hot, crispy sweetbread on the same fork with a cold, vinegar-y grape.

And I'm not alone - Adam Platt liked it, too!

103 Second Avenue (Between 6th and 7th Streets)

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