Sunday, October 17, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

Hello, my lovelies. It's been a crazy week chez Queenie; consequently, I've been very, very neglectful of you all. I'm so sorry, but I do promise some lovely posts this week! In the meantime (while I type furiously away), here are some Treasury goodies to keep you occupied!

First up, an adorable (and useful) new kitchen conversions poster by the lovely and talented Jenna Park of Sweet Fine Day. I'm constantly reminding myself (via Google, usually) of how many cups are in a quart, teaspoons in a tablespoon, and so on. And now here's Jenna to solve the problem - and in such a gorgeous way! I predict that this will make its way into many of my friends' Christmas stockings this year.

This is a skin that makes your iPhone4 look like a Leica camera. I want one. Badly. That is all.

Everything in Claudia Varosio's Etsy shop is fantastic. I love her movie posters, and I love her song lyric prints. But my absolute favorite has to be this Edie Beale paper doll set. (If you're not familiar with Little Edie, now's the time to stream Grey Gardens to your computer. Like, right now.) Her iconic style is captured so perfectly in this format, and I can't help falling in love with her quirkiness all over again.

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