Sunday, October 10, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

The Treasury is a bit late this week - so sorry, folks! Hope you enjoy it in any case, along with your last cocktail of the weekend.

Hilda Grahnat has become one of my very favorite bloggers. A self-described "aspiring photographer, graphic design student and flea market addict," Hilda takes the most charming jaunts imaginable around her native Sweden, and then blogs them for our reading pleasure. She also takes gorgeous photos of weddings and makes amazing-looking clocks. She is, in short, wicked cool.

I discovered Fine Artichoke yesterday via a series of serendipitous links, and I am obsessed. A site that curates and sells a remarkable collection of food-focused fine art, they have some of the loveliest prints I've seen in ages. I'm particularly taken with the idea of New York State as the ultimate salad and with the print of a classic TV dinner.

Last, but not least, this pasta alla Norma looks really, really tasty, and I want to make it. Like, right now. Yum. (Via Serious Eats.)

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