Monday, December 20, 2010

During the holidays, it's always cocktail hour. Everywhere.

Darlings. Dearests. Doodlebugs.

I have been a bit remiss in posting of late, mainly because I've been unbelievably busy getting ready for my Christmas trip to Austin (more on that soon) while work has simultaneously and unexpectedly blown up in massive ways. I do apologize.

In the spirit of forgiveness and of spirits themselves, I'd like to offer you a list of holiday season cocktail recipes sure to tickle your palate and relax your shoulders from their shopping-amongst-throngs-of-slow-moving-tourists hunch. (Or is that just me?)

Some of these are Queenie creations, some are not; all are delicious, and not one is booze-free.

Sorry, kiddos. I need the hard stuff right now.


TKTC said...

Manhattans- an anytime food.

Meg Blocker said...

Sing it, sister.

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