Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gift Guide Number Two: Palm Beach-y.

There's a good-sized part of me that can't turn down anything from Kate Spade or Jonathan Adler. That's the part of me that made this gift guide. Enjoy the preppy brightness and gilded goodness!

One: Crystal Confection Necklace by Kate Spade. Two: Midas Collection at Design Within Reach. Three: Louis The Third print by Jessica Snow. Four: Herringbone Rug by Jonathan Adler. Five: Polka Dot Coasters by Kate Spade. Six: Ideal Bookshelf 101 by Jane Mount.

Seven: Color Theory T-Shirt. Eight: Forget-Me-Not Ring by Kiel Mead. Nine: Borgelo Needlepoint Pillow at Shop Ten25. Ten: Sugarcoat print by Michelle Hinebrook. Eleven: Ticker Tape Mugs by Kate Spade. Twelve: All Over Now necklace by Elva Fields.

See what I mean? How can this stuff not make you happy? So get to it and make someone very happy with something bright, shiny and preppy today!

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Karena said...

Meg wonderful ideas for giving!! I adore color of course!!

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