Friday, December 17, 2010

Gingerbread madness!

Over on You + ME* Holiday today, Elisabeth posted the cutest gingerbread house made by her two year old daughter, Claire. She also suggested an awesome gift idea: a homemade, DIY gingerbread kit, candy and all.

As someone who made a gingerbread house (with my dear friend Caroline) every Christmas of her youth, I heartily endorse this idea. In fact, Caroline and I were planning to gingerbread it up this year, too, but time - as it often does when you're old and have obligations and stuff - got away from us. (We did make them back in 2005, as evidenced by this oh-so-flattering photo of us both.)

Next year, Lina, I promise!

Photo of the gingerbread kit by Angela Gaspar, styled by You + ME*.

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