Saturday, December 11, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

Happy weekend, my lovelies! It's a bright and balmy Saturday here in New York, and I'm gearing up for some fun times in the city with my family (Mom's in town) and friends (Miya's having some folks over tomorrow). In the meantime, let's take a look at some fun tidbits I found on the interwebz today!

First off, I'm slightly obsessed with the Etsy seller Soraam, who makes some of the most beautiful textiles I've seen, well, ever. I love the intricacy of the patterns - and yet, they still somehow seem very Zen to me. I especially love the Labyrinth pillow and anything with the Big Bow motif. Swoon.

This incredible home sits inside a renovated water tower in a nature preserve in Germany. It has the best views imaginable, and is filled with amazing light. I would love to cook in that kitchen, gazing out over the snowy forest while stirring a pot of coq au vin.

Siw Haveland, the force behind the blog Design Shimmer, has a truly beautiful home. It's Scandinavian to the core, and I am totally in love the mix of whites, textures and blond woods. I especially love the way her exposed closet adds a pop of color to the bedroom - it serves as artwork and storage, all at the same time. (Via Decor8.)

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