Saturday, December 18, 2010

Queenie's Treasury

Happy Saturday, kiddos! It's the last weekend before Christmas, so I'm betting quite a few of you are out and about and busy as heck. I'm about to join you, but, before I do, I thought I'd give you a few Treasury bits and bobs to enjoy in your downtime.

I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated by anything created on a miniature scale. From dollhouses to tilt-and-shift photography, I love it all. So I was bound to be fascinated by these snowglobes, created by artists Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz. At first glance, they seem sweet, but a longer look shows some distinctly Grimm-like (I'm also seriously into fairy tales.) happenings captured in the tiny, snowy landscapes. I could pore over these for ages. (Discovered via Design Shimmer.)

David Lebovitz lives a pretty awesome life. An American ex-pat in Paris, he writes cookbooks and blogs about all of the fabulous food-related things he encounters. A few weeks ago, he posted a drool-worthy tour of one of Paris' marchés des producteurs, where shoppers can buy directly from the artisans who product their enviable food. I mean, look at that butter. Just look. Wowza.

For a long time, The Great Gatsby was my absolute favorite book. It's still up near the top of the list. And so, I found this poster - which imagines the business cards of Gatsby's guests from the summer of 1922 - to be pretty freaking cool. It's also really pretty. Well done, The Heads of State!

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