Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa, baby...

I'm a woman torn between two aesthetics. Part of me longs for the feminine woodsiness of Anthropologie and its ilk, while my other half is drawn to a Jonathan Adler-esque version of Palm Beach chic, all bright colors and white lacquer. It's a constant battle for my taste allegiance, but this gift-giving season I've decided to embrace the duality.

I'll be sharing three gift guides with you in the next few days. First, one that caters to the part of me enchanted by woodland creatures mythic and real, as well as all things faux bois. Next will be my slightly pop-ier, polished picks. And, finally, a cookbook gift guide - because, let's remember: this is a foodblog, right?

Back soon with guide number one!

Gorgeous shot of glamorously wrapped packages styled by You + ME* and taken by Trent Bailey.

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