Monday, January 10, 2011


My friend Louisa is the best best friend ever. She spoils me, she cooks with me and for me and eats my food, she knows exactly what I want even before I do, and she even gives me a talking to when such is required. (Infrequently, I assure you.)

She has purchased and raised two adorable dogs (clearly and exclusively for my petting and cuddling purposes) and married one of the most wonderful men on the planet. I mean, come on - is there a greater blessing than loving your best friend's spouse almost as much as you love the friend herself? I think not.

This first trip to Austin has been amazing, and the vast majority of that fabulousness is due directly to Louisa's planning, which is in turn based on her ability to know exactly what I will want and when I will want it. Tacos? Obviously a Sunday afternoon thing. Is there a slight lull in the action? Clearly time for champagne! Sushi? Last two nights before I leave, so that I will be waiting with baited breath until my return. She's crafty, that Louisa.

So, thank you, Lou, for the best first visit to Austin of ALL TIME. Here's to you, here's to us, here's to Austin, and here's to my next trip!

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