Sunday, January 23, 2011

Queenie's Treasury

Happy Sunday, my dears! It's pretty cold here in the northeastern United States, and we've been told to brace for - yet another - bad storm at mid-week. My one plea to the weather powers-that-be: please don't let the storm come between me and the Decemberists concert I'm supposed to go to on Wednesday. Mmmmkay?

First up this weekend, an adorable iPhone decal that makes your decidedly 21st century device look at little bit retro. Design*Sponge spotted this one, but, sadly, it seems to be sold out! If you're still craving an old fashioned camera aesthetic for your phone, check out this Leica version!

I seem to be in a somewhat analog mood this week, because I'm seriously into this alarm clock. I wish I could use one like this, but I've become somewhat addicted to my little clock radio with its multiple alarm settings and ability to switch between both WNYC stations with the touch of a button. All that said, how freaking adorable is this clock?

Last, something actually food-related. (Shocking, I know!) Have you seen the blissfully spare blog Simply Breakfast yet? If not, you must go visit. Jennifer Causey chronicles her daily life through lovely still life photographs of her breakfasts. One day she might enjoy a fried egg with spinach and a grapefruit on the side; another might bring a bagel with cream cheese and a tiny little cookie. There's something incredibly peaceful about these tableaux, and I highly recommend adding the blog to your daily reading.


Nancy said...

Hi Meg,

I discovered Simply Breakfast recently too and am in love with it.

Linked to your blog via food52 a while back and really enjoy your posts and lovely photos, just wanted to say hello :)


HEARBLACK. said...

simply breakfast is awesome, as are the rest of jen's photos

good find!

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