Saturday, January 15, 2011

Queenie's Treasury

Happy weekend, everyone! For the folks here in the States, it's a long weekend. We're celebrating the life and message of Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday. I plan to do so with a visit to a few museums and a donation to City Harvest - but before we get down to observing the holiday, let's do some Treasury-ing!

First up, a store that made the rounds in a big way before Christmas: Kaufmann Mercantile. They've restocked for early spring, with an emphasis on housekeeping and outdoorsy, wintry pursuits (such as snowshoeing). I absolutely love their super-Yankee, slightly preppy aesthetic, which reminds me of the sorts of things I used to find in my grandparents' Connecticut closets. Especially the ones that sat undisturbed from 1975 onward.
I'm a bit obsessed with bows recently, and so these earrings, by the super-awesome jeweler by boe, are haunting my dreams. I worry a bit about how they'd look on my super-human earlobes (No, really, I have very large earlobes, courtesy of my grandfather's genes.), but I can't help but crave them in any case.

Dear Hancock makes a series of correspondence cards adorned with various desk themes. My favorite, at least today, is the Naturalist. I love the owl, I love the succulent, and I love the abundance of glass domes. I might just need to add these to my stationery collection, which has been rather depleted following the holiday season.


Dear said...

Hi Meg! What a beautiful blog. We will be sure to follow. Thanks for the Dear Hancock post.

Meg Blocker said...

Aw, thanks! I absolutely love your stationery!

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