Monday, February 21, 2011

Queenie's Treasury night, people! It's the end of a long weekend here in the States, and I'm gearing up for a sprint of a week ahead. I'm going to see this play with my little brother, and am meeting not one, not two, but three friends for drinks/merriment. Add to that one of the busiest and most exciting projects I've worked on, well, ever, and you have the ingredients for a nutty time. Before that descends, though, let's talk Treasury!

I think I just might need one of these sparkly bracelets to take with me to Texas in a couple of weeks. I absolutely love the combination of soft thread and metallic rhinestones going on here, and the peach color just seems like it would go with everything, doesn't it?

The Jonathan Adler Design Your Own feature is way too addictive. Today alone I've made about four different monogrammed totes, a few patterned throws, and at least five pillows. I have serious issues. Luckily, I've managed to resist actually buying any of those - thus far.

The Margo Tote from Fabric & Handle is simple, elegant and super functional. The straps adjust to your needs. Want to go with an over-the-shoulder model? Just redo a few snaps, and you're all set. Perfect for trips to and from the farmers' market, or for carrying a laptop to and from the office. (Spotted by the ever-fashionable Ez at Creature Comforts.)


Cape Coop said...

I don't see why one couldn't make a bracelet like that- an inexpensive rhinestone bracelet mixed into a friendship bracelet... if it's too dear, or is it affordable? I can never find links in your blog for this stuff!

Meg Blocker said...

Just click on where it says "this sparkly bracelet!"

It's actually not too expensive - only about $20, which, when you factor in how much time it takes to find suitable trimmings in the city, isn't bad!

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