Monday, February 14, 2011

Right up my alley(s).

If there are two things in this world that I love, they are spicy food and booze. Combine the two in one little package, and you might as well slap a label on it with the words, "MEG, PLEASE BUY ME." Not kidding. Not even a little.

When we were trying to decide what our second cocktail would be at the fabulous Rue party a couple of weeks ago, Miya mentioned that she'd seen a bartender peddling Sriracha bitters. I, obviously, made a beeline for his bar. Tout de suite, people.  Tout. De. Suite.

So, yeah, it turns out that this awesome little company called Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters makes an assortment of bitters in seriously cool flavors, including rhubarb, peach and Meyer lemon.  And, of course, Sriracha.  They recommend using the latter in a Sazerac; I had mine in a modified daiquiri, and that was pretty dang good, too.

I'll be purchasing several bottles for experimentation. Any cocktails you'd like to see gussied up with Sriracha or rhubarb goodness?  Tell me!


Chris said...

Beer and spicy food?! Does it get much better than that? What I love about Sriracha is that you can kind of put it on anything. It also has a very unique type of spiciness to it, unlike Texas Pete hot sauce or any traditional Mexican hot sauce.

Good for you for making this trip out to find this bitter. And also being the only blogger to not post anything related to V-day today =P

Chihiro said...

I rather adore learning about Manhattan through your posts. It's nice because I've kind of stuck in the non-exciting part of the city.

Could you try something with gin and rhubarb? I would love to hear more : )

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