Saturday, February 26, 2011

Queenie's Treasury

Happy Saturday, folks! It's a sunny day here in New York, and I'm about to head out in search of caffeine and merriment. Before that, though, let's talk Treasury. Today's edition is all German and Austrian, all the time.

The Neue Galerie on East 86th Street is focused on German and Austrian art and design, and is always an amazing source of inspiration. (And of pastry, thanks to chef Kurt Gutenbrenner's Café Sabarsky, which is modeled on a fin de siècle Viennese cafe.) Their current exhibition is entitled Vienna 1900: Style & Identity, and it looks amazing. I'll definitely be stopping by to visit in the next few weeks - maybe more than once, since it runs through June 27th!

Continuing the Austrian/German theme, check out this amazing apartment for sale in Berlin. I'm in love the with layout, the perfect galley kitchen, herringbone floors and huge windows. I don't know anything about Berlin's neighborhoods, but, according to the Times, at least, Friedrichshain is a cool place, and there's a farmers' market right around the corner. Give me some white paint and sign me up, baby!

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Chihiro said...

I love love love the Neue Galerie. Did you see their turn-of-the-century postcard exhibit? It was so cute.

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