Monday, February 7, 2011

Sundays are for bacon.


Nothing says "Sunday morning" quite like the smell of bacon crisping in the pan.  This past Sunday, I decided I would forgo my usual breakfast (coffee and, well, coffee) for something real and hearty; something that could get me through my chores and carry me on well past lunchtime.

That something was an egg, avocado and bacon sandwich. It started innocently enough - people have been more atwitter than usual recently over the idea of avocado toast, and so that was my plan. Avocado mashed about a bit, spread on fresh baguette, topped with a smidge of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

But then I remembered the eggs in my fridge - after all, they were just sitting there, hanging out, waiting to become the protein in some fabulous creation.  And the bacon! The bacon I bought last week in a fit of craving, and of which I've used on bits and pieces.  Both pair so well with one another and with the avocado - how could I leave them out of the party?

And so the sandwich evolved. From a mashed avocado on toast to a far taller, far naughtier creation.  Fresh baked baguette (courtesy of FreshDirect's parbaked goods section), still warm from the oven and spread with a bit of mayonnaise.  Next, a layer of sliced avocado, seasoned liberally with salt and freshly ground pepper.  Next, a slice or two of slab bacon, fried to just this side of crispy and topped with fluffy scrambled eggs.

Creamy, salty, fluffy, crispy deliciousness, all in one little sandwich.  Oh, happy Sunday.

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Lauren said...

this looks so tasty! i'm definitely putting this on my weekend to do list.

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